Tools for KML, including applications, scripts, calculators, generators, parsers and converters

All KML Workbench Tools

Bearing Validator
Sanitize and validate a navigational bearing
Circle Generator
Generate KML LineString, Polygon and MultiGeometry Circles
A php console environment to test PAK classes and methods
Destination Calculator
Calculate the destination from a given starting point, distance and bearing
Distance Calculator
Calculate the distance between the two points
Convert degrees, minutes, seconds
Drag and Drop Map
Example of using the Open Layers drag-and-drop interaction.
Final Bearing
Calculate the Final Bearing (reverse azimuth) between two points.
Initial Bearing
Calculate the Initial Bearing (forward azimuth) between two points
Find the intersection of two paths
Latitude Validator
Validate a coordinate latitude
Length Validator
Sanitize, convert and validate linear units
Longitude Validator
Validate a coordinate longitude
Explore and test the features and presentation of OpenLayers map
Map Test
Explore the features and presentation of OpenLayers v6.0.1
Merge LineStrings
Merge two or more KML LineStrings
Calculate the midpoint between two coordinates
Assemble or disassemble multigeometries
Nearest Point
Find the nearest point of given points
Point Validator
Sanitize and validate a coordinate point
Read KML files to PAK object, database or text
Reverse the order of coordinates within KML elements
RF Leg
Generate a Radius-to-Fix Leg
Segment LineString
Divide a LineString into a number of segments
Demonstrate the sanitizeGeo() function


Please note that this is a listing of *all* tools, even a few that are half-baked (or worse). Some of these pages also require the user to be logged in to access.