About ScottMurray.me

Welcome to my personal website.

The site is hand built with love, using my own Website Management System that manages content, administration, analytics and security. I try to avoid dependence on external frameworks and platforms where possible so, if something is broken or looks bad, we all know who to blame.
  • I use Bootstrap to help with responsive styling.
  • I use jQueryUI for interactive User Interface elements.
  • I use Hesk for support communications (contact, bug reports, feature requests, etc.) and as a bug manager/to-do list.
  • I use OpenLayers for all maps on the site.
  • I use JpGraph to create the charts and graphs.
I take digital privacy very seriously, thus:
  • This site does not use tracking cookies or other tracking mechanisms.
  • This site does not use Google Analytics (or Google anything), or any other product that shares data with third parties.
  • This site has no advertising. I pay for great hosting on NameCheap out of my pocket. If you want to say thanks, drop me a line here or buy me a beer next time you see me. :-)
Thanks for stopping by!