Segment LineString

Divide a Linestring into a number of segments


Multiple Segments of US-64, Crittenden County, AR diplayed on Google Earth.  Map Data: Google Earth, Landsat/Copernicus This application divides a KML LineString into a given number of segments <Placemark>. The resulting KML is composed of a <Folder> enclosing the multiple <LineString> elements listed in the order of the source <LineString>.
While this function may have limited practical use on its own, it is required to generate Point and LineString animations (in development).


  1. Select the number of segments to divide below.
  2. Upload a .kml file containing the linestrings to be segmented.
  3. Click [Continue] when the upload is complete.
  4. Click the [Generate] button
  5. The aplication will return the linestring segments, a .kml and map displaying the results.

Upload KML File

No file uploaded yet.


You can view a demonstration by downloading this sample file (Fernan Road.kml 32 KB) and uploading it to the application.

Future enhancements being considered include:

  • Dividing the linestring into segments of a specific length

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