RF Leg

Generate a Radius-to-Fix Leg



This application calculates a radius-to-fix (RF) leg, a fixed radius path typically used to describe an approach or other route in aviation. See Wikipedia for more information.

*** NOTE ***

This tool is for *reference only* and is not intended to serve as, or replace, certified navigation aids or equipment in any way. Use responsibly, at your own risk.


Enter information in the form below. Not all fields are required, but a minimum of information is needed to calculate the turn. The RF leg can be calculated by ...

  1. Fill a minimum of the form fields
  2. Click the [Generate] button



Not all fields must be filled for the application to return an arc. The application will attempt to solve for an arc with the information provided, Various combinations of parameters may be used.

  • Enter Coordinates | Enter Bearing | Exit Coordinates
  • Enter Coordinates | Enter Bearing | Exit Coordinates | Exit Bearing
  • Enter Coordinates | Exit Coordinates | Exit Bearing Not yet!
  • Enter Coordinates | Enter Bearing | Center Coordinates Not yet!
  • Enter Coordinates | Enter Bearing | Radius Not yet!
  • There are other ways I havent thought of yet...

Fields that were not filled will be populated if the arc is solved. This is done to provide information for solving the next leg, enabling one to solve "chains" of successive turns.

This is a project in active development. Various tests are listed here. Additional resources will be provided as I can create them.

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