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Merge LineStrings

Merge LineStrings

Merge two or more KML LineStrings


Multiple Segments of US-64, Crittenden County, AR diplayed on Google Earth.  Map Data: Google Earth, Landsat/Copernicus This application merges two or more KML linestrings into a single <Placemark>.
Currently, the application will connect only those linestrings having endpoints with exactly the same latitude and longitude.
Future enhancements being considered include:

  • Connect linestrings with endpoints at some distance apart
  • Option to preserve direction (Connect only to the first coordinate of a linestring)
  • Option to preserve order (Connect the linestrings in the order as listed in the <Folder>)
  • Remove duplicate coordinates Completed: 2019-01-08
  • Display the merged linestring on the map Completed: 2019-01-12
  • Copy and use the <Style> of the first <LineString>
  • Copy and use the name of the containing <Folder>
  • Display before and after file sizes


Upload a .kml file containing the linestring to be segmented and click [Continue] when the upload is complete.
The linestrings must be contained within a well formed .kml file composed of a <Document> containing a <Folder>, inside of which are two or more <Placemark> elements having a <LineString> geometry.
The resulting KML is displayed on the map, as text and a downloadable file.