Circle Generator

Generate KML LineString, Polygon and MultiGeometry Circles


KML Circle showing the 6,000 Km coverage of the Pechora Radar Station on Google Earth.  Map Data: Google Earth, Landsat/Copernicus This application draws circles for display on digital maps and virtual globes using KML. A circle can be rendered as a LineString, Polygon or MultiGeometry. An optional Point displaying the center can be included as well.

Very large circles can be generated; up to 20,000 Km radius.

Note that KML will not render Polygons enclosing the North or South Poles and instead will wrap around the pole(s). This limitation does not apply to LineStrings but does affect the strategy I use to generate Polygons. If a Polygon encloses a pole, a thin slice is cut to the pole, minimizing the visual impact of the wrapping. If drawing a circle that encloses one or both of the poles, I recommend selecting MultiPolygon, which generates a well formed LineString outlining a Polygon used for the fill.