Php Api for Kml


PAK - PHP Api for Kml - is a library of php classes I use to create, manipulate and parse KML files and data.

Inspired by JAK, the Java Api for Kml, PAK classes and methods largely correspond to the structure of the KML schema. I take it farther by creating a robust parser and additional classes for creating and manipulating KML data and structures.

To learn more about KML, see Google's "What is KML?" & KML Reference, and the KML 2.2.0 Schema.

Composing KML

The primary PAK classes and methods are used to compose well-formed .kml files. I've built a console for them here

Parsing KML

The Reader uses SimpleXML to parse a .kml files into its component data. All KML elements and data can be written to PAK objects for manipulation, to strings, or to a SQL database.

Manipulating KML

PAK classes and methods enable the quick and easy modifying of .kml files for updating via NetworkLinks.