PAK Documentation

PAK class documentation


Currently, there are 101 classes in the library totalling 24,115 lines. This documentation is generated from the code using PHP's Reflection class. This documentation will improve over time as I add to the DocComments and learn to parse them. See <PolyStyle> as an example of where I'd like to get to with all classes.

I have used the documentation for phpDocumentor as a guide for both composing and parsing the Docblocks for classes, properties, methods, etc. Docblocks are written and parsed in three sections: Summary, Description and Tags:

  • The Summary section contains a short description of the element, possibly just the name, being described. It should be limited to a single line if possible.
  • The Description section is a more complete explanation of the element, possible containing one or more code examples (marked up with HTML) or other resources
  • The Tags section contains lines preceded by tags with a leading "@" sign (eg: "@author", "@param", "@throws", etc.). See phpDocumentor's Tag reference as a guide.