I just want to blog

I just want to blog. After an absence for a time, I thought I’d give WordPress another try. As Gutenberg is slated to become standard, I have been using it, to my significant displeasure.
I just want to blog. That’s it. Some text, a bunch of photos and a few links and embeds here and there. That’s it.

I just want to blog. I don’t want to build an entire website on top of a giant, capricious platform that breaks plugins every time it’s upgraded significantly. I don’t want to have to debug compatibility issues every time I go to write a post.

I just want to blog.I just want to blog. When I want a new paragraph, I’ll hit [Enter]. When I want to insert a non-text element, like a photo or a link, I want to click a big, obvious button, or use an easy hotkey like [ctrl]+[k]. What I don’t want to do, is wrestle with blocks. Blogs don’t have blocks. They have text, photos, a few links, an embed here and there. No blocks.

I just want to blog. With my own images. I process and store my photos in a CMS. If I make changes to my images (cropping, watermarks, etc.), I want those changes to cascade to where they are displayed – the whole point of a CMS. It has become more difficult to present external images via WP. I have to hand-code to enable users to view the full-size content, again, having to argue with your f’n blocks telling me that my html isn’t valid and changing it. Grr.

I just want to blog. With my desktop. Sure, we all like our phones, but for those of us that know and enjoy the power of a mouse, full keyboard, and screen(s) over twenty times the size of the typical smartphone, phones are simply a means to get by when a real computer isn’t an option. I want my content to take advantage of a big screen when it’s available, not simply display the mobile version with larger type. That’s not responsive; that’s mobile-first.

I just want to blog. Could WP please release a simple, lightweight, responsive fork for blogging?

I just want to blog. And sadly, it’s looking like I’m going to have to build my own simple, lightweight, responsive blogging app.